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"Coaching gives you a secret weapon, a competitive edge that your un-coached peers do not enjoy. Coaching takes you from good to great. Coaching is not for dysfunctional people. It is not there to heal the sick and wounded. It's there to help you reach your higher callings and biggest dreams. Coaching expands your world."

—Steve Chandler

A Unique Blend of Coaching, Consulting, and Mentoring

If you're in search of someone who can help you expand your business and enhance your leadership skills, Unloq Growth and Patrick Flesner might be your ideal choice. When working with leaders and their teams, Patrick brings something truly unique to the table. Unlike traditional coaching, which focuses solely on asking guiding questions, or consulting that primarily dispenses advice, Patrick pioneers a distinct blend of growth mindset leadership coaching, consulting, and mentoring tailored to meet your individual needs.

"Patrick's expertise impresses.”
—Oliver Kaltner, CEO of Cherry SE and former CEO of Leica AG

If coaching is what you need, expect unparalleled one-on-one and group sessions. If explicit guidance seems more beneficial, count on Patrick for pointed recommendations. Above all, Patrick doesn't merely see himself as a coach or consultant. In his eyes, he serves you as a mentor and trusted advisor, fully committed to both your personal and professional growth.

"I truly valued Patrick's coaching and mentorship as well as his fun approach to work."
—Maia Korradi, Principal at Omnes Capital

Diverse Expertise, Unique Insights

With a background that includes roles as a professional handball player in the first German handball division, a partner at renowned business law firms, a senior innovation executive at a public company, and a partner of a venture capital growth fund, Patrick Flesner brings a multifaceted perspective to leadership and business growth. This diverse experience informs his coaching, consulting, and mentoring, which helps you unlock unprecedented levels of both personal and professional growth.



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