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Patrick Flesner's expertise extends into the realm of thought leadership as a contributor to I by IMD, MIT Sloan Management Review, and Inc. Magazine. His incisive publications delve into a wide range of topics pertaining to leadership development and business growth. 

Meta Could Be Even More Successful If Mark Zuckerberg Embraced Delegation

Why effective leaders embrace delegation.

In a recent podcast interview, Mark Zuckerberg shared astonishing insights into his leadership style at the social media platform Meta. Not only did he address his controversial decisions regarding major layoffs, but he also revealed his stance on delegation: "I kind of think like the way a founder should work is you should basically make as many decisions and get involved as in as many things as you can."

Zuckerberg, who founded the company as a college student, appears to embody a leadership style centered around centralized decision-making and unbalanced leadership involvement. The leaders whom I coach usually understand immediately why effective delegation helps them focus on what truly needs their leadership attention. What's more, they grasp that delegating can build strong, empowered, and motivated teams that embrace collaborative decision-making and thrive.

In this article, I share why Meta could be even more successful if Zuckerberg delegated more.

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When Constant Crisis Is the New Normal: A Leaders' Playbook

Use these five leadership tips to help you successfully steer your team through sustained upheaval.  

As the dust settles from the initial upheavals of the Covid pandemic, it becomes apparent that the world is entrenched in a prolonged period of constant change, volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, marked by persistent macroeconomic instability, geopolitical tensions, and ongoing and ever-changing global challenges. 
High inflation, supply chain disruptions, and fluctuating consumer demand are but a few examples of the multifaceted challenges leaders currently have to deal with. These circumstances underscore that leaders find themselves navigating not through the shockwaves of a sudden crisis but rather through the enduring tremors of a sustained crisis. 

In this article, I share how leaders can successfully navigate a sustained crisis.

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How Honesty and Openness Fuel Business Growth

Five proven steps to create a powerful company culture.

"How can I ensure my team members are honest and transparent with me?" As a leadership coach and mentor, I frequently encounter this question. Addressing this lack of honesty and transparency is indeed crucial. The success of a team heavily depends on the level of honesty and transparency among its members.
In this article, Nicole Jansen and I take a look into the pivotal role that honesty and transparency play in driving business success and how effective leaders foster a corporate culture grounded in these principles. 

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Why Startups Fail Despite Securing Venture Capital

Watch out for these six common post-investment pitfalls at your startup.

It is widely recognized that 90 percent of startups fail. Numerous factors contribute to their downfall, with a significant portion making critical fundraising mistakes. These mistakes result in a failure to attract the much-needed support from potential venture capital investors. However, even among the startups that successfully secure venture capital funding, a substantial number still face challenges in achieving long-term success.

In this Inc. Magazine article, I share six common pitfalls that arise after a successful fundraising process, and actionable advice to help navigate and overcome these obstacles.

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 Want to be a better leader?

 Balance involvement and delegation

 5 Ways to Practice Distanced Empathy--a Cornerstone of Effective Leadership 

 Leading effectively with both heart and mind. 

5 Leadership Offenses by Omission 

The silence of a leader can resonate as loudly as their words. 

How to Get Beyond the Revenue Growth Plateau

 Growth isn't linear, but being stuck for extended periods can make you feel like things will never change. Here's how to drive it further.

Leading Change: What We Can Learn From Bezos, Gates, Hastings, and Musk

Embrace change or risk irrelevance.

7 Steps to Effective Peer Leadership

 Peer leadership is about mastering the art of influencing without authority - here's how to do it

How to Unlock Your Business Growth Potential

10 sources for continuous business growth

Lead Your Law Firm to Success

Transform your practice with the 8 C's framework for effective law firm leadership

A Strong Leadership Message From Metallica Frontman James Hetfield

For building a thriving team, camaraderie is more important than functional fit

A Thriving Company Culture Requires Truth in Leadership

 If the leader's values and behavior are aligned with the desired company culture, business performance thrives 

Leadership Self Doubts Article Cover

10 Tips That Will Help You Overcome Moments of Leadership Self-Doubt

The economic crisis poses leadership challenges that many leaders doubt they can overcome. But they can. 

How to Grow Your Startup in 2023

 10 tips that will help you grow your business and attract venture capital 

7 Professionality Traits of Highly Effective Leaders

Take them to your heart and become a highly professional and effective leader yourself 

The Key to Leading Effectively - Step Outside the Leadership Drama Triangle

Avoid playing the role of a victim, persecutor, or rescuer. Instead, take ownership and make the required changes

The No. 1 Growth Killer Is Leadership Debt

Businesses do not fail because they run out of cash. They run out of cash because of the leadership debt incurred.

The RESPECT Framework for Building Trust

Seven signs that your CFO can drive growth successfully 



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